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 The Audiology office of Dr. Gene McHugh specializes in earwax removal, professional audiometry & hearing aids.  Dr. McHugh has more training and experience in hearing aids than any professional in Southern Colorado.  Fees at his office are lower (see hearing aid pricelist below) and if you don't need hearing aids, Dr. McHugh will tell you. One of the nicest audiology offices in the region with easy parking, handicap access and great staff, we are located at the corner of 14th street on West Colorado Avenue. Please call for an appointment. 

         The building below is a professional duplex owned and operated by Dentist (and spouse) Dr. Mary Purinsh on the right and Audiologist Dr. Gene McHugh on the left.   

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1330 West Colorado Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904   
We publish our prices because they are almost always lower, sometimes unbelievably lower on the same make and model of hearing aid.  Before you buy, check and see just how much better our prices are on Phonak and Oticon hearing aid products.   
Hearing aids   
Colorado Springs Audiology is an independent audiology clinic.  We are not owned, associated or franchised by any hearing aid company, audiology or ENT group.  We are not limited to using any certain brands.  As such, we can use high end products such as Oticon and Phonak at substantially lower costs.  All hearing aids have a 100% money-back guaranty with two-year warranty including two-year coverage against loss/damage.  Please note:  Medicare  does not cover hearing aids. 
Hearing Evaluations 
All audiometric exams are conducted in a sound proof room with calibrated equipment  and meet the highest standards of audiometric practice. Exams are $50 and fees are waived if patient is referred by his or her physician or healthcare provider.* 
Information for physicians and other healthcare professionals.
Earwax removal  
We will clean your ears!
   We are one of the few audiology offices where earwax is removed with the aid of a binocular microscopeThe fee is $25.00 per ear Insurance including Medicare does not cover earwax removal.  Online publications regarding earwax removal by Dr. McHugh.
Custom earpieces  
Custom ear products are available for hearing instrument users, shooters, employees who work around excessive noise along with special  earmolds for pilots, broadcasters, blue tooth cell phones, notebook users and anything else that requires a custom ear product. Click here for more information about Hearing Protection

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Adjusting to hearing aids
Assistive devices
Aging and hearing -  What's normal for my age?

Audiogram - how to read 
Audiologist - by definition
Audiology scope of practice - ASHA
Audiometric scores & hearing disability
Background noise
Batteries- general Information
Basic evaluation
Care for your BTE's
Care for your ITE's, ITC's & CIC's
Checking your hearing - questionnaire

Cochlear implants
Coping with loss 
Degree of hearing loss 
Diseases of hearing loss

Detecting hearing problems
Different levels of noise 
Earmolds and ear monitors
Ear nose & throat physicians
Earwax removal
FAQ's regarding hearing aids
Hearing aid batteries
Hearing aid candidacy   
Hearing aid guarantee

Hearing aids both ears vs one
Hearing aid styles
Hearing aid repairs
Hearing aid warranty

Hearing Protection
Just moved here and need help 
How satisfaction is measured
Hearing aid selection
History Information
Hyperacusis and treatment 
How to insert CICís
How to insert RITE devices
How we hear
Hearing and age
Insurance for hearing aids
Industrial-OSHA program
iPod Danger over exaggerated
Is a Referral Necessary?
Lyric - Why I do NOT carry this product
Medicare coverage for hearing aids 
Middle ear implants  
Noise exposure
Page for physicians 
Payment options
Prevalence of hearing impairment 
Relevant information about your history 
Self-Test for hearing problems
Strategies to cope with hearing loss
Sharpening your attentiveness skills 
Sudden hearing loss
Symptoms of hearing loss 
Wireless hearing aids

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